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tv   [untitled]    March 15, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> before i take roll, i'd like to remind all of us to take -- turn off your cellphone for any electronic device. commissioner sugaya: present. president fong: present. commissioner wu: present. commissioner miguel: present. >> we have a full commission. first item is 2,011.0605c 42199
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market street. item number to its 2,011.0397t, amendments to planning code sections 150, 155.1, off 155.2, 155.3, 155.4, and 155.5. item 3, 2,011.1151d, a discretionary review proposed for continuing to april 12th, 2012. and item number four,
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2,011.1143d, 2123 pierce street. in this case, this item is withdrawn and is no longer before you for consideration. i do not have speaker cards on the continuum. >> is there any other public comment on these items? commissioner moore? >> asked to -- commissioner moore: asked to continue items as noted commissioner wu: second. cox on that motion -- >> on that motion, commissioner antonini: present. -- commissioner antonini commissioner sugaya, commissioner miguel, commissioner fong, commissioner wu. thank you. the calendar is considered to be routine and will be acted upon
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by a single roll-call of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items as a member of the commission, the public, or staffed so requests, in which event the matter shall be removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. the item before you is 20 12.0080c 426 d fillmore street. it is a request for a conditional use, a change of use of an existing coffee store use. it is doing business as well ground coffee, and will change to a large fast-food restaurant doing business as world ground coffee. -- royal crown copy. no tenant improvements are proposed within the existing commercial space, nor are changes proposed to the exterior of -- exterior building.
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the project sponsor is proposing to add up a hot beverage license type 41 in order to serve beer and/or why not for drinking on the premises. this matter is before you for your consideration. i do not have any speaker comments. president fong: any public comment? commissioner borden? commissioner borden: i move to approve item consent. >> second. >> on the motion for approval of 2060 fillmore street, as proposed, commissioner antonini, commissioner borden, commissioner miguel, commissioner moore, commissioner sugaya, commissioner wu, commissioner fong. it passes unanimously. are there any other matters? president fong: commissioner
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moore? commissioner moore: i want to a knowledge the update on 83296 street. i want to make a point to commend her for doing as she did. >> commissioner antonini? commissioner antonini: a couple of items noting an article on monday that i thought was quite well written and talked about the legalization of uses in pdr the zones that are either office or nonconforming. i thought it was particularly interesting and i understand the use committee is targeting. i'm not sure what they will end up doing, but they may consider extending this to the end of the year. that will be good, whenever they come up with. it is an issue that we have to
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look at and during the eight -- first eight years of my time, we went through the entire program. there were a number of issues, of course, defining what areas should be kept industrial or pdr. the definition of that is particularly tricky these days because we have so many hybrids that have some offices and some production and some other uses that are hard to define. i think it would be well if as this goes through the land use committee and the supervisors that these things be looked at carefully. and also, to take a look at the structure and see if it is, in fact, appropriate or not, and compare it to whether businesses who are already in the area. what are they paying and what is typical? what is the correct amount? i do not have those answers, but i'm hoping this is explored during this process. it is a greater for charity to
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make sure that we are relevant to the situation that exists in 2012 and the changing nature of business of all types -- that is important to acknowledge. on a second note, a troubling development. linda may have a picture to put on the screen. >> i put it on there. commissioner antonini: ok, maybe you could bring it up. i noted it through the internet that there is a young man named michael antonini who is a left- handed pitcher for the dodger organization. you'll probably know, six-foot, 200 lbs. -- or 6 ft. 2 in., two hundred pounds. i usually qualify for the two hundred pounds part. anyway, this is disturbing [laughter] i thought it would be of interest to anybody who may be
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confused. i will have to put it on the form 700. [laughter] thank you. president fong: commissioner miguel? commissioner miguel: i attended an interesting meeting of the cuyooga improvement association out in far eastern san francisco. the basis of the meeting was, basically, a two and three medical cannabis dispensaries. the chief did an excellent job. he is already in touch with two and has an appointment with the third. it was a very good discussion. a large attendance for it. they asked questions as to how the planning commission views it
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and everything and it went very well. there was also something else that comes before us from time to time. this week, the community leadership alliance, we are discussing liquor company -- a liquor permits. antti abc enforcement -- and that abc enforcement officer. and her assistant, they were there and work for the number of restaurant and bar owners. there's a great deal of community engagement and information going on. hopefully, that will help lighten our load as we go along. spur had two deals this week that concern us. one is a series of three on fine grain design. it was very well received.
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and it was extremely well attended despite the weather. and the other one was yesterday on the future of the tenderloin. but that was particularly interesting in the way that the speakers approached it. i had the pleasure of taking a look at the plaza designed that'sucsf is putting together for the new mission bay hospital, the women and children to hospital. it is a very large, two-block long plaza, planting and water treatment and everything. it looks like it will be very manageable. and what the public is probably not as aware of is that the locks on the other side of the plaza -- this is going east
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from where the pleasant -- present hospital is being built. it is slated possibly in their future plans for another major hospital. the plaza would be enclosed by it. they have not pushed that too much because it is somewhat in the future. but the size of the plaza probably could accommodate the two without a question. i also saw some preliminary designs of two projects for showplace square, one from david baker and one from wharton architect. there will be quite different from each other. the neighborhood was pushing them to do something different in their designs. not necessarily going back to the previous two centuries of the brick buildings and trying
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to emulate them, but trying to come into the 21st century. it was quite a lot of committee thought in that regard. last night, there was a presentation of the cleanup that is being done at the former mayor and power plant -- morandt power plant. they're starting the final clean up this year from west to east to the water. it will be finished probably around 2017. it is a series starting with the pg&e property. it would be developed first and going through the old morandt. i forget the name of the firm that bought them out, or the new name of the firm. anyway, a lot of stuff going on. >> i want to congratulate you
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for being a great grandfather for the second time. commissioner miguel: thank you president fong: commissioner wu? commissioner wu: congratulations to commissioner miguel. last week i attended a meeting in the engagement park. i think it is a model for how the department had done public outrage. as i am understand, there is some study being done about public out reached and as that is developed in the upcoming months, it would be great to have a presentation here. i do not know if that is a six- month from work, or what time frame that report will be wrapped up. president fong: commissioner sugaya? commissioner sugaya: i did not remember to bring it with me, but i do not know if people are familiar with a publication called "monocle."
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there was an article in they're referring to hardware stores. and the author was lamenting the neighborhood ice creams and boutiques replacing neighborhood businesses. it sounded extremely familiar to me. i will scan it and make a copy for people. also, there is a new park what -- parklet on jones street. this one is in front of a massage parlor. i do not know who sponsored that. maybe you can get a chair massage, anyway. and falling on commissioner miguel's comment about designs, -- following on commissioner miguel's, about design, i think 20th century's great. president fong: commissioner
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borden? commissioner borden: i do not know if you saw the article from director ram, but there was an article in the business times that talked about putting a giant dog on top of the building, and wouldn't it be great if corporate headquarters could buy the air rights above the building to make a contribution to the city to make a large sign? and i asked director ram, with a giant flying dhabi considered a sign antique -- would a giant flying dog be considered a sign? and he said that it would be. these corporations, when they have a presence and owning a building like that, they would like to have a sign. would a giant dog be art? could it be part? -- art? and we have talked before about having commission approval.
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it is an issue that comes up quite frequently. we always have conditions of approval put into documents and a lot of the conditions are not enforceable, or not even within our jurisdiction. i think it would be great to have a conversation about conditions of approval, you know, getting advice from the city attorney about what things are in our jurisdiction and what are not. and how we can do a better job of crafting those, so they are enforceable, and learn a little more about how the department does enforcement. i know we have very few staff members that were on that. i think that would be helpful for the public as well commissioner moore: city place, which we spent quite a bit of time on several months ago, a year or year and a half ago,
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went on the auction block yesterday. >> they delayed it. >>commissioner moore: oh, they delayed it. we would like to stay informed on what the next step would be. there's a very important transformation on market street at the bottom of powell. if you could keep us posted. thank you. commissioner sugaya: perhaps commissioner borden and his staff could suggest using the doggie diner hit. [laughter] it has a historic status and it would give it a little bit more. i>> if there are no other comments of commissioners, we can move on to directors report.
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>> i was also going to bring up the memo at 3049 16th street. they're operating at the very good neighbor right now. we're pleased with the way that is going. kyc antonini mentioned the examiner article about the legitimization of office space. for the record, i wanted to note that the number of businesses affected that was noted in that article, we think, is way beyond what is the case. the article noted that there may be 1000 businesses affected. we think there are no more than 100. it is not clear where that information came from and we are trying to delve into more detail so we can get a bit better number. the one thing that really struck all of us was that number. for whatever reason, we think is
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a grossly exaggerated number from what is out there. i actually do not have any other announcements today, unless you have questions. commissioner antonini: i did have a question and i should have brought this up in remarks. there was an extensive front- page article about the transit tower that was run in the chronicle, i think, on tuesday. i forget which day it was. i wonder if we're going to get some kind of process going forward on this on the process of the changes and the design, and again, on the process of entitlements. >> yet, it is -- yes, it is going through a 309 like any other downtown building. that project relies on the new proposed zoning i think -- proposed zoning. i think you have an
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informational coming up next month. we will ask you to consider the eri certification and then the plan in may. that would then go to the board and the tower would come to you for approval in the fall. >> good afternoon, commissioners. >> let me turn on your microphone. just a moment. >> ann and mary rogers from the plan reporting staff. first, i would like to tell you about a report that we gave on but the interagency plan implementation committee -- their annual report -- as well as an annual report on development impact fees. staff has reported to this body on the same subject in january this year. i


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